Out of all of the wedding vendors that people wonder about, there are a few vendors that have a question mark on their back. By this we mean many wonder whether it is absolutely necessary if they are hired or not. Once of the most often debated wedding vendors is the makeup artist. Many brides to be think that because they apply their own makeup everyday, why would they need to hire a professional makeup artist? Well, there are many good reasons actually. One reason that you may not have thought of has to do with improving the health of your skin. A professional makeup artist can provide recommendations to improve your skin so that you could have the most flawless makeup on your big day. Also, a professional will know how to highlight your best features and minimize any imperfections. Another reason that truly puts things as simply as it gets is aren't you worth hiring a professional? Think about it, you have spent so much money on various aspects of your wedding, why not make sure that your face looks absolutely stunning? And think about your wedding pictures, you want to look your best. We realize that the Charlotte area has numerous makeup artists but you need the one that fits you perfectly. In order to make sure that is exactly what you get, take this guide with you everywhere you go and we promise that you will end up with a true professional in your corner for your big day.

So, you need some makeup artists to talk to and evaluate. One of your best sources of potential vendors are those folks that are closest to you. Talk to your family, friends and coworkers about any makeup artists that they may have hired in the past. Were they pleased with the experience and with the outcome? If so, make sure that you write down the name as you begin to create a list of artists that you will want to talk to at some point. If you have already hired any of your wedding vendors, talk to them to see if they know anyone you should interview. And, of course, there is no way that we would be giving great advice if we did not advise you to tap into the world wide web. Do a Google search for “makeup artists in the Charlotte area.” Peruse the websites that you get back make a determination as to which artists you gravitate to. If any look really promising, add their names and contact information to your list. Take your list and contact each candidate. Find out if they are available for your wedding day. If they say yes, setup an interview.

Start each interview by talking about how much experience the artist has applying makeup and specifically makeup for weddings. Take a look at their portfolio and evaluate if you like the skills level that you see. Are they willing to do a trial? We like this idea because it give you an idea of whether the artist is going to be able to give you exactly what you are looking for. What kind of makeup do they use? Make sure it is theatrical grade. Not only will this look best in your photographs but it also will give you the best look in artificial lighting. Are they willing to stay with you until your reception starts in order to give you a touch up? How much will their services cost you? Why did they become a makeup artist? How many brides have they worked on? Make sure that you get references and contact each one to receive an honest evaluation of the vendor. Talk a bit about the logistics. Will you have to drive to their location or will they come to your wedding location? Once you have all of the information you are seeking, you will be in a much better position to decide which makeup artist fits you best.

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