Your wedding day is meant to be and should be the most unforgettable day of your life. We are sure that you and your fiance have been working diligently on planning the best day possible for everyone involved. But if you want the day to be even more unforgettable, there is something that you should really check into. Renting a professional photo booth will have everyone that attends your wedding having an absolute blast. We think this kind of feature is one of the coolest you could possibly have at your wedding. Picture it (no pun intended), your guests will avail themselves of different backdrops and props as different groupings of people gather to take quirky pictures and have some fun. While the idea of having a photo booth at your wedding sounds amazing, we warn you to make sure that the provider that you end up hiring is going to be bringing a very high quality photo booth in every way. This is much more important than you know because if you show up to your wedding reception and you glance over and see what looks like a piece of junk in the middle of your reception, we can safely say that you are probably not going to be very happy. So, with that in mind we have developed a guide that will lead you to quality providers in the Charlotte area. From there, we have provided you with the tools that will help you to key in on the perfect provider for you.

So, this is probably not a search that you have ever conducted before so you are probably wondering where you should start looking. One your first moves should be to harness the power of the world wide web. This is one of the most amazing resources that has ever existed. Do a Google search for “photo booth providers in the Charlotte area.” You should get back a fairly long list of potential candidates. Click on each link and checkout the website of each photo booth provider. Read all about each company and what they provide. You should take a liking to a few potential candidates. Jot down their name and contact information. You are off to a great start. Also, talk to your wedding vendors that you have already hired. They should have a recommendation or two for you. One other source that we feel is worth checking out is your family, friends and coworkers. Maybe someone you know has rented a photo booth for an event. Find out how it went. If it was a quality experience, then you have another potential candidate that you should add to your list. Call up each vendor on your list and setup a time to talk to them about what they provide.

Once you are sitting across the table from each candidate, here are some questions that you will want to make sure that you ask. How long have they been in the photo booth business? Make sure that it has been for at least a few years and that they have a good track record. Do they have references that they can provide you? Are they licensed and insured? Most venues require this of vendors. What kind of equipment do they use? Make sure that they operate one of their booths right in front of you. Stay away from companies that use inkjet printers and webcams. Are you satisfied with the level of quality that you see? What is the backup plan if the equipment malfunctions? Will there be an attendant with the photo booth during your reception? What is the cost of renting one of their photo booths? Do they offer any packages? What does the physical photo booth look like? Make sure that it is not an eye sore. When you are ready to make a final decision, keep in mind that cheapest is not always the best.

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