Some Information About Pricing

When calling for a price, you'll want to be able to tell us:

  • Where you want to go
  • When you need service
  • How many passengers you will have
  • The event you're planning

Many people are under the assumption that a limousine is too expensive to consider for a mode of transportation. Although our limousines are undoubtedly luxurious, you'll find that the pricing is easy to afford! We've intentionally made our pricing easy for all to afford by passing down the savings to you each and every time. Other companies in the area charge sky high rates to get a large profit margin without taking the client into consideration, but you won't find that at Charlotte Limousines.

Our limousines are worth every penny that you pay for them. Not only are you renting a world class limousine, but you're also getting a professional chauffeur who will make your experience in Charlotte the absolute best it can be. You'll get your moneys worth in every sense with Charlotte Limousines.

You can always get a lower rate by avoiding busy periods of time and splitting the total cost among passengers. Our busy season ranges from early spring until late summer, but it also includes weekends and holidays. No matter when you book your limousine, you're going to get the best experience from Charlotte Limousines, and it will be money well spent!

Ready to book?

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